Automated driving


Kinemotion provides the complete electro-hydraulic control engineering for different types of vehicles. Especially for multi way steering systems, equal lifting systems with electronic leveling, controlled propulsions with traction control and antiskid system, working hydraulic with intelligent assistance systems.


Worldwide unique is the functionality of our coupling system for a compound of any number of transporter in any kind of disposal.


The electric-battery control systems of in-house transporters has taken on increasing significance in the last years. 



System features


A unique control system for all kind of vehicles and mobile applications…

...developed to save effort and costs

Special adaption for your application

Intelligent software


100% pre-tested

Simple and intuitive handling

Extensive diagnostic options

Developed for extreme environmental conditions

Highest reliability and availability

80% lower assembling costs

No expensive specialists necessary

Minimization of downtime

Installable in a minimum of time without wiring mistakes

Easy to service

Components can be changed in minutes