Traditional hydraulic controls are often inappropriate for the computer controlled operation. So it is difficult to improve the functions, safety, performance, ergonomics and costs.


Kinemotion has developed a system to be one step ahead of the increased requirements and to be prepared for the future. All functions are integrated in the specially for excavators developed Kinemotion system.


  • Individual control concept on customer requirement.

  • faster working and less fuel consumption! Modern assistance systems afford a  huge potential to increase the efficiency and to reduce the operating time and costs.

  • Minimum of assembly-, installation- and service costs by the Kinemotion plug and play system.

  • Highest availability by Kinemotion diagnostic system

  • Coupling of several excavators possible to transport heavy loads together save and fast.

  • Characteristic curves of the control- operating properties can be adjusted fast and individually by the driver.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.