Mining Trucks



ETF Mining Trucks are developed to break though the limits of the existing mining trucks. ETF is a new provider in a marked which is dominated by five established manufacturer. 


From the beginning, Kinemotion is involved in the incomparable project of ETF, to develop a new kind of mining truck. Kinemotion is an important partner of ETF for the development and delivery of the complete control system. The existing components of the Kinemotion system where further developed to realize the unique features of this truck.


All-wheel steering enables a very small turning radius and a so far unknown maneuverability. ABS brakes, all-wheel drive  and traction control in all existing wheels gives an excellent propulsion and steering on slippery roads too.


The Kinemotion system enables the worldwide unique coupling of several ETF trucks. This compound needs only one driver !


  • Operating costs are lowered enormously. Automatic lifting of the wheels at empty running or part load reduces the tire wear.

  • The Kinemotion plug & play system enables a fast change in case of service. The complete axles with the wheels, the power pack unit and the cabin are modules, changeable in 15 minutes!

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