Ideal for rebuilding – with our plug & play system we let every old vehicle shine like a new one
Cheap solution for a as good as new vehicle

After our modification your vehicle is comparable to a brand new one … for a fraction of the price !


Adaptation on every manufacturer

Our system is compatible with every vehicle- and hydraulic manufacturer


Very short rebuilding and adaption times

Because of our worldwide unique plug & play system, the down time of your vehicle for the complete modification is very short


Further advantages:
  • new sensors, wiring and control boxes

  • very robust components

  • 100% pre- tested before shipping

  • only small mechanic changes necessary

  • high availability by reduction of the components

  • clean and easy installation

  • safe operating status by modern diagnostic system

  • short training period 


Procedure and preparation



We propose a solution and plan the modification for you. All system functions are integrable.



  • Working out  the technical details with the „Technical  Agreement“ (TA)

  • Prepare an offer with help of the TA

  • Production of the System

  • Built up and 100% pre-test of the complete system

  • Packaging and shipping of the system

  • Rebuilt at customer site in 14 days 

The refurbishment  - a new vehicle in 14 days

Example: Shipyard transporter


  Day 1


  Day 2


  Day 3


  Day 4


  Day 7


  Day 6


 Day 5


  Day 14


  Day 13


  Day 12


  Day 11


  Day 10


  Day 9


  Day 8


Remove of old electronic


Removal of the complete old electronic.


Remedy of defects


Remedy of hydraulic and mechanical defects.


Mechanical preperation


Mounting of new brackets and cable channels. 


Installation of the new Kinemotion system


Modification of all cables, control boxes, control elements and Sensors.That means that all functions and technology of the latest vehicles are available.


Commissioning and tests


Commissioning of the new system by Kinemotion engineers. 


Training of employees


Training of the operating and maintenance stuff by Kinemotion engineers.