Modular transporter



Free combinable modules can be put together to a huge compound. Loads as big as football fields with up to 15.000 tons can be transported with that module compounds. Our innovative coupling system enables to put together such giant compounds with a minimum of effort…driven by remote control.


  • The Kinemotion steering-, lifting,- and driving programs enable to move extreme loads very precisely

  • Single modules can be coupled local to a train. Each train has its own Power-Pack. This trains can then be coupled to a global system.

  • Intelligent coupling connecter recognize the position and the direction of the neighboring module. An automatic booting sequence configures the coordinates of each modules and trains to a huge compound. Distances in a “free” compound can be added additionally.

  • The control section in a compound are freely selectable. Each train can be defined as a master by activating the remote control.

  • Number of steered axles: 8-12 per module

  • Each power pack hast up to 560 kW driving power


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.