The company Kinemotion was founded on 01.01.2007 as a worldwide supplier for electronic-hydraulic control engineering in special vehicles. In the south of Germany Kinemotion unifies all processes of control development and production - from the project planning up to the service - consolidated with competent employees.

Kinemotion follows the track of Kinetronic wich was foundet in 1995. Kinetronic has produced all the electronic-hydraulic control engineering until 2006. Since 01.01.2007 Kinemotion is responsible for all control system activities... so many years of experience is available in the new company.

The innovative and international operating company has angencies in China and South Korea. So Kinemotion is represented also in the Asian market to be in close contact to customers on site.

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Company history

1995:   Foundation of Kinetronik


1996:   1. generation of control systems with EST-control unit


1999:   Change of company name into Kinetronic GmbH


2000:   2. generation of control systems with ESX-control unit


2002:   Head of the electronic systems department at Scheuerle Fahrzeugfabrik (2002-2006)


2003:   3. generation control systems with extensive global coupling-system


2007:   Foundation of Kinemotion GmbH


2007:   Move to new office building in Pfedelbach


2007:   4. generation of control systems with worldwide first Plug & Play system


2008:   New control system for modular transporter with ESX3XL-control units


2009:   New control systems for Slackpot Carriers


2010:   New control systems for Mining Trucks


2014:   New control system for excavators

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Zertifikat 9001 Kinemotion.jpg
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Kinemotion GmbH is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015