Traditional hydraulic controls are often unsuitable for computer-controlled operation and are therefore on the limit of their potential to improve functions, performance, safety, ergonomics and costs.
Kinemotion has now developed a system that is one step ahead of the extremely increased requirements. All functions are integrated into the Kinemotion system, which has been specially developed for excavators.
  • Easy customization of the operating concepts according to customer requirements
  • Faster work and less fuel consumption!
  • Modern assistance systems and operating aids offer enormous potential for increasing machine efficiency and reducing downtime and costs.
  • Kinemotion Plug&Play reduces assembly, installation and repair costs by 80%
  • Highest machine availability through Kinemotion diagnostic system
  • Graphical visualization of the complete equipment on a modern color display
  • Active workspace limitation for safe working in the desired area… and not beyond
  • Operation via radio remote control for working in dangerous zones
  • Several excavators can be coupled to move large loads safely and quickly together
  • Characteristics of operating speed and control behavior can be quickly and individually adjusted.